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Aggiornamento: 11 feb 2023

I believe that autumn is one of those times of the year that you begin to appreciate in adulthood.

Until a few years ago, I thought it was the season of the year that marks the end of summer.

The end of the fun, saying goodbye to the evenings at the lake with friends, light clothing, hair in the wind and sunbathing.

Now, on the other hand, I feel that autumn is one of my favorite times of the year.

It gives me peace, serenity, a desire to slow down, cozy warmth, blankets on the sofa, glasses of wine and chestnuts.

But not only that ... Autumn is also one of the best times to vacation on Lake Garda, a fantastic opportunity to experience the quieter and finer version of Malcesine.

The lake at this time manages to bring us some of its most romantic sunsets.

Sunsets when the only thing you can, or rather have to do, is to pause and admire all this beauty in silence, thanking you for the happiness that Mother Nature has bestowed.

The temperatures are still pleasant and the smell of the must manages to overwhelm you with its thousand scents.

The time is ideal for hiking in the mountains and unforgettable mountain bike excursions.

The leaves and the forest are full of colors, shades and smells.

So don't wait and book your next vacation now, autumn is just around the corner.

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