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Inner and Outer Beauty Retreat - A time out to immerse yourself in your inner & outer beauty

The Your Inner & Outer Beauty Retreat is a break for you to immerse yourself in lightness in a dreamlike place that you can take home with you. A gift to you to take a break from everyday life, to feel relaxation, to recharge your batteries and to immerse yourself in your unique beauty.

Who accompanies you these days:

Yessica Alina Abel is a yoga teacher as well as an expert in nutrition and everything that is mentally and emotionally going on in you. During this week she accompanies you with yoga sessions in the morning and creates your very own morning routine with you, which you can take home with you.

Sarah Schulte is a hair & make-up artist and a state-certified beautician. She lets your skin shine through the art of high-tech natural cosmetic products and rounds it all off with a make-up look tailored just for you.

Noëmi Weber accompanies people as a Neo Emotional Release Coach and as a meditation and mindfulness trainer. For this retreat she will lead a beautiful cacao ceremony with a meditative journey.

Together, the three create a break on all levels - body, mind & soul, so that the feeling of lightness remains long after the holiday.

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