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Fighting food waste: our à la carte breakfast

Many of our guests will have wondered at least once why we don't have a breakfast buffet.

Quite simply for the reasons that I will list.

Food waste is a problem that afflicts our planet and has devastating consequences on the environment and society. In an era where environmental awareness is increasingly widespread, it is essential to take concrete steps to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices.

According to estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted each year. This waste has a number of negative consequences, including a significant environmental impact, wasted natural resources, increased greenhouse gas emissions and an unequal distribution of food resources.

During the COVID period, when buffets were prohibited for health reasons, we realized that one of the areas where it was possible to make a difference was breakfast, which often translates into an abundant and inviting buffet.

However, opting for an à la carte breakfast instead of a buffet can be a significant step in the fight against food waste.

What are the positive aspects of an à la carte breakfast?

We all know that food, first of all, is eaten with the eyes, we all like to see a well-laden table... but, this is just vain glory.

A personalized menu, on the other hand, allows customers to choose only what they actually need and want to consume, thus avoiding waste caused by impulsive choices or an excessive amount of food.

Thanks to our digital menu, you can order your breakfast in complete relaxation, get up calmly at the desired time and above all without the fear of arriving too late and finding the buffet empty.

Furthermore, one à la carte breakfast offers several advantages in the context of waste reduction.

First, it allows you to prepare and serve only the portions you need, thus avoiding excess food that often ends up unused.

It allows us to buy strictly ORGANIC products of the highest quality and from local producers, without having to constantly keep an eye on cost reduction as often happens in hotels and freshness and authenticity are always guaranteed.

Helping our guests understand the importance of reducing food waste and the positive impacts that choosing an à la carte breakfast can have on the environment is part of our mission, which is why at Elle Ecoholiday we have decided to adopt this measure, an important step towards sustainability and environmental responsibility.

By reducing overeating and promoting conscious choice among our guests, we can make a significant contribution to reducing waste and conserving our planet's natural resources.

We know full well that the transition to a more sustainable breakfast requires a collective effort from us and our own customers, but the long-term benefits for the environment and society are invaluable.

Choosing an à la carte breakfast means not only enjoying a personalized and quality meal, but also actively contributing to a better future for everyone.

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