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Feel your body. Clear your mind. Bring your soul home

We invite you to a holistic fasting week at Lake Garda.

May 13-19, 2023

Fasting always affects you as a whole person: your body, your mind, your soul. It cleans and regenerates the organism and activates the self-healing powers. During fasting, the body goes into so-called "autophagy" - our own cell recycling program, in which the body can "detoxify" strongly. The energy otherwise expended on digestion now goes into repairing the body and into mental and emotional processes. You can have a deeply transformative experience and let go of what no longer belongs to you when you are willing to feel within. Fasting supports you in a wonderful way because it opens your energetic system so that you can meet yourself in depth, gain clarity and free yourself from old baggage holistically. What wants to surface to be let go?

During our fasting week we will accompany you with our expertise on all levels.

Relaxing hikes and yoga sessions in the fresh, clear air of Lake Garda will help you to slow down your mind and gain clarity. We will also go into silence so that you have enough time for yourself and your introspection. In addition, we will support your system with energetic body work to let go of the emotions and blockages that have previously prevented you from coming to your essence.

This week will be a break and a new start for your soul, body and mind.

A time when you can breathe easy, enjoy and recharge your batteries.

About Yessica

Yessica is a certified fasting leader, nutrition and emotion coach. With her retreats and coaching sessions, she supports you as a woman in accepting yourself and your body and in living a life of abundance, self-love and your full potential. With her empowering energy and her full passion, she accompanies you to break out of your comfort zone and to find your individual expression. Yessica knows the process of self-acceptance and the way to find your own self-worth again and that is why we meet you at eye level and with all our hearts. Her path led to herself through fasting, a diet rich in vital substances and emotional coaching. For Yessica, fasting not only means holistic regeneration, but also a self-awareness to your core.

About Janina

Janina is a qualified nutritionist, stress & burn-out coach and certified in the field of energetic bodywork. Janina is an absolute haven of peace in her work and sensitively senses the energy and issues of her clients. In her arms you can surrender yourself with confidence because Janina knows how to hold you on all levels. Because of her own story, she knows what stress, overwhelm and feeling lost feel like. Therefore, Janina meets you empathetically, sensitively and above all without judgment at eye level. With her sensitivity and her energetic work, Janina lovingly guides you through your personal process, towards your essence and life energy.

What can you expect this week?

- 6 nights in a fantastic location on Lake Garda with a view of the mountains and the lake

- Fasting food for 5 fasting days

- Common last meal before fasting

- Heart-opening fast-breaking

- Fasting e-book with all information on preparation and follow-up as well as helpful tips during fasting

- A breathwork session (connected breath meditation)

- A Kundalini Breath Meditation

- Two Kundalini activations

- Hikes on the lake and on Monte Baldo

- Fire ritual

- Ecstatic dance

- Yoga sessions

- True encounters

- Sharing Circle to exchange all experiences

& very important! Sufficient time for yourself for introspection & reflection

We work on all levels - Mental Mind, Physical Body, Energy Body


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