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🌿 Exploring the enchanting world of olive oil in our olive grove!🌿

We are excited to share with you the excellence that comes from our olive grove. The olive oil we produce is the result of careful care, a long tradition and a deep love for the land and its gifts.

We are passionately dedicated to the cultivation and production of high quality olive oil, and we are proud to share this wonderful experience with you.

🌱 Sustainable agriculture for a quality oil 🌱

We can proudly tell you that our olive grove is cultivated with a philosophy of sustainable agriculture, fully embracing the principles of eco-sustainability that characterize Elle Ecoholiday.

We use agricultural methods that respect the environment and preserve the health of our trees. We do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, but we prefer natural and organic techniques to protect our plants and promote biodiversity.

The osmia bee houses that have been installed in our garden are confirmation of this, as is the late mowing of the grass during the flowering period of the olive trees.

In fact, these two techniques allow us to attract many insects, especially pollinating ones, a vital resource for a prolific autumn harvest.

Each stage of the manufacturing process is performed with care and dedication.

The olives are harvested by hand when they are perfectly ripe, ensuring they have maximum flavor and the best nutritional properties. They are then pressed within a few hours of harvesting to preserve their integrity and organoleptic qualities.

Harvest time is a time of great joy and hard work that involves our entire family. However, we spend it very happily, chatting, laughing and a well-deserved glass of red wine at the end of the day.

🍃 A very high quality olive oil 🍃

The oil we get from our olive grove is a very high quality product. Thanks to timely harvesting and rapid pressing, we are able to preserve the intrinsic characteristics of the olives, producing an oil rich in aroma, flavor and nutrients.

Its taste is fruity and harmonious, with hints of freshly cut grass and slightly spicy notes, it has a bright golden color and a velvety texture that gives a pleasant sensation in the mouth.

🌿 An elixir of health and well-being 🌿

In addition to its delicious flavor, olive oil is known for its many health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, which can help protect the heart, reduce inflammation and improve overall health.

Olive oil is an essential element of the Mediterranean diet, a healthy and balanced food model that promotes long-term well-being. It can be used both as a condiment for salads and cold dishes, and for cooking at low temperatures, thus preserving its nutritional properties.

🌱 An invitation to experience the goodness of olive oil 🌱

Do you want to taste a little or buy some? Feel free to ask at Reception: we will be more than happy to guide you through the world of olive oil on Lake Garda.

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