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Igiene personale


Your and our safety are very important to us, which is why we would like to make you aware of the protocols against the spread of COVID-19 provided in our structure.

One of our strengths are the large open spaces available to our customers.


The rooms have their own independent entrance which favors the maintenance of distances.


Upon arrival, body temperature will be measured with an infrared thermometer; if the temperature is higher than 37.5 °, the anti-contagion protocols for the hotel categories will be activated immediately. In all common areas you will find columns for hand disinfection with hydroalcoholic gel. Inside your rooms you will find some gel and some personal protective equipment, in case you need them.


Each room will be rigorously cleaned and sanitized every day, following the guidelines dictated by the Ministry of Health.


Upon departure, all the surfaces of the room, mattresses and pillows will be sprayed with a substance based on hydrogen peroxide and the rooms will remain closed and sterilized until the moment of your arrival.


As for the air conditioning systems, they will be subjected to weekly sanitation through the use of products provided for by the health protection protocols.


The tables were positioned at a safe distance one from the other and you can freely decide whether to enjoy the first meal of the day by the pool or on our veranda. The breakfast buffet will not be accessible, but our staff will be at your complete disposal for the preparation of dishes and drinks.


To facilitate check-in operations, we will send you an online form to proceed with your registration by email a few days before your arrival. Our staff will be subjected to temperature measurement daily, before entering service and will be adequately trained and updated, in order to always guarantee knowledge and compliance with safety protocols.


One thing we assure you that will remain unchanged: our affection, which will always be the same .. even with the mask.

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